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Updated: Apr 10

Strength Training Plans

The BodyLogic scan (DEXA full body composition scan), available on the Horizon DEXA system, can help inform individualised training programs for athletes. Today, university athletic programs are using the BodyLogic scan’s Advanced Body Composition assessment to create customised training plans to ensure that athletes are in peak shape for their seasons. In addition to enhancing the health of the athlete, these tailored plans can also help reduce the risk of injury. With BodyLogic scan data, athletic programs, physical trainers and coaches can:

  • Provide guidance on how best to avoid new or repetitive injuries before they happen.

  • Track progress of previous injuries and surgeries to understand if the athlete is losing or retaining muscle during the rehab process.

  • Assist with the development of symmetrical muscle developments for athletes of all sports.

  • Optimize performance by adjusting nutritional and training regimens.

Book your DEXA Full Body Composition Scan by using this link:

Dexa full body composition malta

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